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Pronounced/ njubia, it is the name given to the region to the south of Egypt, of the town of Dabba, near the Fourth cataract, along the Nile and in what is now the northern Sudan. Most of Nubia is situated in Sudan with about a quarter of its territory in Egypt. The modern inhabitants of southern Egypt and Sudan still refer to themselves as Nubians. The Nubian languages are the FIADIDJA-MAHAS, which is widely spoken in the Sudan and in Egypt it is spoken by all Nubian to the Kunuz areas in the north, as well as the KENUZI-DONGOLA and it is used by people of Dongola of Sudan and Kenuz of Egypt. To the ancient Mediterranean world, the land south of Egypt was a territory of mystery and legend. Wealth and exotic products came from there.

Nubia is the homeland of Africa's earliest black culture with a history which can be traced from 3100 BC onward through Nubian monuments and artifacts, as well as written records from Egypt and Rome. In antiquity, Nubia was a land of great natural wealth, of gold mines, ebony, ivory and incense which was always prized by her neighbors. In the last hundred years, Nubia has slowly yielded its secrets, its vanished peoples, abandoned cities and lost kingdoms brought to light by the excavator and analysis of inscriptions.

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